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Welcome to the Gladys and David photo albums.

There are over 9000 photos divided into 39 libraries which then divide into 250 different albums. This represents a distillation from some 32,000 photos originally taken.

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  • The photos vary in quality as they were taken over the past hundred years with a myriad of cameras.

Some of the libraries are quite unique:

Gladys celebrated her 70th in Jerusalem in June 2014. Gladys invited her family and friends to a tour of the Jerusalem Bird Research facility followed by a sumptuous brunch.
Friends and relatives wrote letters which were incorporated into a book. Click here to view this as a PDF file.
David produced a movie of Gladys' first seventy years.
Grandson Daniel took pictures as did Gil Krispin and the Kolkers.

Dr. Fritz Blank, my late father, accumulated many quotations that he considered noteworthy. These have been edited into a a very small book which can be viewed by clicking here.

My dear family, put together a book for my 65th birthday. This was a huge effort as they contacted people all around the world to write something about me. Click here to see the result.

The website blankgenealogy.com continues to be a work in progress. To date it has some 18,500 names, 3,100 photos, 2,500 documents of the various families from which Gladys and I stem.

The photographic history of Gush Katif are on a separate website www.gushkatif.net

A picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy!

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